Learning to be Lean

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Counting the Ways August 2, 2010

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Whether tracking calories or money, part of becoming lean is finding out where to cut back.  Have you ever looked at your account balance and wondered, “Where has all the money gone?”

“What have I eaten today?” is my question.  Seeing it in black and white is my starting point.

Today, I started using the iPhone application LoseIt which for a nominal fee helps track every morsel of food as well as every exercise calorie burned.  I am hoping with time, I can track my “purchase history” and see better where I can trim the fat – literally.

What do you do to track your life?


Think Lean August 1, 2010

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Many economic business experts believe that learning to think lean will make a company run faster and more efficient. One site says, that runs a “boot camp” for businesses, says businesses should not to indulge and make systems bigger and more complicated, rather learn to be lean.

Isn’t it the same for our bodies?

I have been “trying” to lose weight for the last year through dieting. My thought process has been eat less, weigh less. What my thinking should be is, don’t self indulge and in-turn become more efficient.

So, I have decided to learn to be lean and over the next year or 60 pounds, whichever comes first, I will share my daily lessons with you.